Back in the saddle (again?)

I know my updates have been sporadic recently, mostly because of crunch time things at work.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a network administrator/engineer for a local Home Health Care agency.  Well, we got word in September that we were consolidating offices and moving our entire data center.  That means basically that I was in charge of every step from coordinating 3rd party wiring vendors to contracting a new Internet Service Provider (who also provided connectivity between remote offices).

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* Rare international GI JOE figures and more for sale! *

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From the personal collection of SMALLJOES.COM owner Corey Stinson,  Excellent
holiday gift idea for the hardcore GI JOE collection that you know, perhaps
even yourself?

The sale includes:

– boxed and carded GI JOE figures from Mexico, all w/ variations from the U.S.

– 25th Anniv. Snake-Eyes w/ black Timber (carded)

– 25th Anniv. 2007 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Destro

– 2008 GI JOE convention exclusive items (all sold out at the show)

– …and more!

To see what’s available, visit:

How I learned to love the movie…

Love the movie?  What?  To anyone on G.I. Joe message boards over the past six months those words almost seem blasphemous, as the outlook for the upcoming motion picture is bleak, to say the least.

To many fans it’s because the arrival of the movie means the “death” of the Anniversary homages, and in many people’s minds those figures will never come back.  To others, they fear the worst from the film standpoint, and can only imagine it suffering an immense and utter failure in plot and execution, thus “ruining” their memories and spitting on their childhood.

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Mike’s World: Fast Update!

Apparently, my previous post was live for all of two hours before the COIL’s new home went live.  You can catch up with Jon, Jay, and the rest of the gang (including me!) at

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all!

I feel verklempt

Nothing makes me weepy like good toys…and good looking toys to start a hellish Monday, too.  A great way to brighten the day.

HissTank forum members art2614 and Shimaneboy have come through with open pictures of Resolute Duke, COBRA Commander, and the COBRA Troopers.  These figures are simply…  mind-blowing.  Fan-freaking tastic.

I haven’t been shy about my love for Resolute, and my strong desire to see Hasbro keep moving forward with the Joe concept instead of infinitely reliving the past.  Vintage homages have their time and place, for sure, and the G.I. Joe line wouldn’t be where it is right now without them.  But man, I would love to see Resolute take the reigns and go crazy on their own line at some point.  The design, sculpting and execution is about as close to flawless as I’ve seen in this scale.  Terrific!