Resolute WINS.

That’s it.  End of story.  I’ve found the Joe line I’ve been waiting for since the 90’s, only I never knew it until now.

Ever since I saw that three minute “sizzle” at the Joe Convention last year, I’ve been infatuated with the concept of Resolute and the execution of the series, but have always been curious as to whether or not the toys could live up to the hype.  Well, HissTank forum member “art2614″ has put aside all of my fears.  Basque in the wonder.

COBRA Commander was the first figure revealed, and in all fairness, I thought he was cool, though not incredible.  He looked pretty similar to existing designs, and the pictures in that thread just emphasize that.  His torso is the same (so no loss of articulation for those folks who were wigging out about it), his arms are the same, his upper legs are the same.  His overall look is almost identical.  Normally that’s not a huge deal, at least until I see the Duke and COBRA Trooper and realize how totally and unbelievably BAD ASS those figures are.  I mean come ON.  Duke all decked out in spec ops gear, yet still with a subtle, classic uniform underneath.  The COBRA Trooper looking much like a COBRA Trooper should look, but with some awesome fancy shoulder pads, kneepads, and flak vest, this is a figure that really stands out from the classic look, too.  These two figures are amazing.  As much as diehard 3 3/4″ fans will whince at this, it’s like the perfect marraige between Sigma 6 and the classic Real American Hero mythos and I am IN LOVE.

Big thanks to art2614 at HissTank for all of the awesome pics and details.  I should be getting my set next week, hopefully, and believe me when I say I’ll be cranking those reviews out QUICK!

Oh and for you vintage diehards Blowtorch looks pretty neat, too.  :shifty:

9 thoughts on “Resolute WINS.

  1. I can’t wait to read your reviews for the Resolute figures. They are just awesome looking. Not sure why so many people are complaining. When it was announced that GIJoe was coming back I was looking forward to new interpretations of characters and Resolute is doing that. I say it’s about time.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! The Resolute single carded figures look great (I’m still on the fence regarding that Pilot Destro Comicpack)!

    I like to see different, yet realistic, interpretations of my favorite characters and these really hit the mark. It also appears that the trooper has good elbow articulation to allow him to hold his rifle easily with two hands. I just preordered a case from BBTS. I was holding out for these pix to finally surface.

  3. “It’s like the perfect marraige between Sigma 6 and the classic Real American Hero mythos.”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself. I really looking forward to the Resolute line and I hope Hasbro will be offering up a healthy amount of Resolute figures (and maybe even a few figures) before the movie stuff hits. 2009 is shaping up to be one awesome year for G.I. Joe fans.

  4. I agree. I hate doing it. But I agree with you 100 percent. I actually wanted to hate Resolute because the cartoon would just draw more scalpers and that the show was probably going to destroy fan favorites (still refuse to give a pass on the Heavy Duty/Roadblock thing)even if it did look cool, but these figures look amazing. I HATE Duke. I mean, I despise him. But that figure, just looking at it, is absolutely amazing. Reminds me of Shockwave v3/Sure Fire with the pads and such.

    You’ve been vouching for this line/idea for months now, and I should have just listened to you to begin with.

  5. Wow. COBRA Commander’s okay (I think I’m just burnt out on him in general), but there’s a COBRA Trooper that I want a half-billion of and (gasp) A DUKE I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO?!?!?

    Truly, this Resolute is some kind of holy grail.

  6. Geez, these Resolute figures look super cool. I have been looking forward to the animated series from the moment I heard about it. Everybody involved in the project and the premise of the show are just WAY TOO GOOD. But I had no idea the figures would be this outstanding.

    I seriously haven’t been this excited about Joe toys since the fateful day I got a sneak preview of the original 25th Anniversary molds at Comic Con 2006.

  7. Sadly, the poster’s bandwidth for freebie photobucket has been exceeded :/

    Perhaps someone could answer this for me straight up – are they the 25th mold, or are they the ‘new’ mold from DTCs pre-2007 line?

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