It Begins!

So last week we got a little peek at the Resolute “Pilot Destro” that’s coming out in upcoming Comic Packs.  Well, today, once again, HissTank has another new Resolute figure.  Granted it’s a tiny glimpse, but for the first time we see Resolute COBRA Commander here.

Of course I have my thoughts on this.

Honestly, could Hasbro be handling this any better?  I know, I know…I’m a shameless Hasbro fanboy.  Everything they touch is gold, yadda yadda.  In spite of the fact that this is glaringly untrue, I do think that they are handling this whole Resolute thing exceptionally well:

  • We’re getting the great core characters we love in designs that are VERY reminiscent of their vintage looks, only with slight updating.
  • We’re getting an adult, mature storyline with action and military tactics.
  • We’re getting the figures for this new cartoon mixed in with the 25th Anniversary homages that people want to continue
  • Comic Packs are being pulled from the Resolute “universe” yet maintain many of the design elements of the original characters
  • Great writing, great directing, lots of action

I mean, honestly…am I the only one who feels like this is the G.I. Joe I’ve been waiting for since the 90’s?  This is exactly what I’ve wanted to see.  It can’t get any better than this.  I really hope the rest of the figures impress as much as COBRA Commander has, and I hope the whole series impresses as much as the 5 minute clip did, but if both of those are true, then this is perfection in G.I. Joe to me.

Is it too late to stop this pesky Movie thing and just continue with Resolute?  :shifty:

5 thoughts on “It Begins!

  1. Oh yeah, that CC looks awesome! Destro is whatever he would be if this wasn’t Resolute, so I’ll probably use him for parts. I’m excited to see his normal gear though, based on that pic with him in the trenchcoat with the robotic arm. I kinda hope they channel the Sigma 6 version a bit; I liked the robo-Destro.

    I do notice that CC is using some of his older parts, but there’s enough new in there to make me happy. I just wish his helmet matched the card art a bit more; I mean, if he’s got a new helmet style, wouldn’t that be the most important to emulate? Looks like he’s just sporting a non-chromed version of his “Best Of” DVD pack head.

    Anyway, I’m real excited to see the info start coming in. I love the 25th line, but the thing I really wana see if new stuff!

  2. I just want some clear pics of Resolute stuff. Everything looks like it’s a Bigfoot photo right now. Just need somce clean shots before I can postulate.

  3. I’m just thrilled about the sculpt. ‘New’ DTC sculpts are my favourite out of the bunch – love to see these with that more traditional construction combined with the great tooling, detailing and paint apps of the 25th line. Can’t wait.

  4. The 1982 Cobra Commander is my all-time favorite figure of the entire GI Joe line. All of the remakes of the helmet CC to date (except the 91 version) have knocked my socks off, from the Spy Troops to the 25th version. This Resolute figure looks like it will join the proud pantheon of Cobra Commander figures in my collection. Thanks for the update, Justin. And I agree – Hasbro is handling this quite well so far.

  5. I dunno. Maybe I’m just burned out on CC at the moment, but that figure doesn’t do anything for me. I am, however, very excited about Resolute as a property.

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