25th Anniversary Single-Pack Reviews – Wave 11

My collaboration with YoJoe continues as I review two figures from Wave 11!

4 thoughts on “25th Anniversary Single-Pack Reviews – Wave 11

  1. My Matt Trackker and the comic-pack Wild Bill both suffer from loose knee joints in the right leg. Has this been a problem for the ‘flight-suit’ bodied joes you have reviewed? And for that matter, I’ve noticed the same thing happening to the last couple of Cobra Trooper’s (or Bazooka Troopers) I’ve gotten as well. I’m just curious if this is just a random incident, and not the cause of damaged molds.

  2. GAH! Reading Trackker’s filecard, I totally want more MASK figures. I don’t need a ton. Just a few.

    I know Hasbro said more aren’t coming (Which is code for they probably are) but I really hope they do come out with a few. It’s a whole new SUBTEAM for Joe and Cobra.

    How can anyone hate on that? It makes MASK relevant again and keeps more 80’s goodness alive while giving GI Joe some fresh stories and characters, but not cheap characters, characters with depth!

  3. hmmmmm Zartan can’t wear a shirt and that is his selling point

    I see like 30 ninja-kus all struggling to stay on the pegs but I haven’t even seen a Weather Dominator Cobra Shantytown Flint

    the saddest day

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