25th Anniversary Vehicle Reviews – Wave 2

Well, kind of.  I have no intention of picking up the Shark Tooth, but as part of my YoJoe partnership, I’ve reviewed the new Firebat over there.  Same quality, same pics, just a different spot.  ;)

  1. Firebat w/ A.V.A.C.

6 thoughts on “25th Anniversary Vehicle Reviews – Wave 2

  1. Man, if you aren’t getting it, I know it isn’t worth it. I picked up the Night Spectre or whatever for Grand Slam. No need to get this SHARC repaint.

    That was incredibly interesting about the MOTH idea. I wondered how we got a vehicle we haven’t seen since it’s original release. Knowing how good MC is with using unique molds for their products, I think this assumption may have some foundation in reality.

    Also, I agree with you. This toy is awesome.

  2. Why all the Rattler hate. LOL.
    I love my Rattler, its one of the best and most detailed and armed vehicles …. one of my personal favorites. The Firebat cant even land after it takes off from the Terrordrome silo. And my Rattler cost $25. If you are including tax and gas then your Firebat would not be $15.

    PS: I love the FIREBAT too, Im just joshing you a bit.

  3. I disagree on the SHARC. I would have preferred it to the Night Spectre (and loved to have seen Grand Slam in one of the DVD packs, comic packs or single carded). Its definitely more iconic and I’m surprised it wasn’t chosen for the Target wave.

    I do agree on the Firebat though. I have two of these now and its a lot of fun. Only thing its missing is some landing gear.

  4. Hey, I don’t “hate” the Rattler at all…it is a classic, for sure. I just have a hard time seeing it as a full on assault plane going toe-to-toe with the Skystriker, Conquest, etc…

    I don’t have any big issues with the SHARC, I just now own that vehicle about half a dozen times, and at this point I refuse to support the decision to give us that craptastic Deep Six figure again! ;)

  5. Hi Justin. Love the reviews. There are actually 3 different colour variations of the Firebat over the years. The original from the Terrordrome, the mail-away version (mine is Canadian), and this new one. Each one is noticeably different (at least to me) as I own one of each. Just an FYI.

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