25th Anniversary Reviews – Extreme Conditions

GeneralsJoes and YoJoe have reached a partnership of sorts, and within the past week I’ve posted two reviews on YoJoe, with more to come in the future!  Enjoy.

  1. Extreme Conditions: Arctic Assault Squad
  2. Extreme Conditions: Desert Assault Squad

3 thoughts on “25th Anniversary Reviews – Extreme Conditions

  1. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I love both of these sets. The arctic set is a no-brainer for me being the snow trooper fan I am. But what really surprised me is my love of the desert set. From the nigh-perfect Major Bludd, to the different troopers and even the Crimson Guard figures, this set just rocks. I’ve already made a few head swap tweaks that I think fit the figures better but had I left them factory they’d still be awesome. I really have nothing more to say except I wish I could afford (both monetarily and spacially) more of these two sets because they are an armybuilders dream.

  2. Wow. You’ve been on a review binge these last few days. As I mentioned on JC, I’m not going to open these until I get home for Thanksgiving break, as I don’t really have much room for them out of the box with all of wave nine and the AVAC and Fang on the TV, but just looking at them in the box, they are perfect. I’ve been really impressed with all that Hasbro has put out recently. And as always, you have the best pics of the figures on the web, and that makes me anxious to open these suckers up.

  3. Man, the 25th Anniversary figures are SO close to being something I’d love, but their articulation woes still bug me.

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