3 thoughts on “25th Anniversary Reviews – DVD Battle Packs Wave 2

  1. I DO kind of see what hasbro was going for with the Skeleton in the Serpentor pack. The miniseries had frequent instances of the DNA theft off of skeletons, so like the Cube in the Darkness set (which you failed to mention, it looks like :p ), I think Hasbro was trying to tie in with the cartoon.

    But no “DNA extractor” makes the inclusion of the Skeleton moot. I can’t help but wonder if it might have been a leftover from the Indiana Jones line….

  2. I was also disappointed by Serpentor.
    Instead of Dusty’s webgear missing my Snake Eyes from the PoD set was missing his sword!
    I’m a bit puzzled on who comes up with the colorings. Snake Eyes is not really purple in that series. Dusty’s camo doesn’t resemble the cartoon or his original even though that was shown at Toy Fair. I think they even forgot to paint his hands! Who in their right mind wears gloves in the desert?!
    I hear some people complain that SE’s hands are overly large.
    I do think the Desert Major Bludd has the better part selection. I wish the DVD one had those same parts.

  3. I have an idea for one of the two skeletons I got so its not a total loss for me.

    Serpentor is custom fodder and parts will go towards my Ultimate Serpentor.

    The B.A.T. will be some kind of commander type or something though the springloaded cannon has me worried. I DON’T want springloaded anything with my Joes thank you very much.

    Dusty… well I like that they are trying to add new articulation but the two I have seem to have really loose waist joints. They did come with webgear though so I can’t complain too much.

    Cobra Commander – blah. The giraffe neck under that hood must be hideous. Seriously, did they stretch out the mold when they made that new head? Its a nice, non-wind swept mask (which I like) but its like a 1/4 inch too tall which would make his head or neck absurdly oversized in real scale. Meh, he’ll go on the Cobra Commander Shelf of Shame.

    Quick-Kick I saw at SDCC and even though he’s a character I have no use for, the figure is pretty cool.

    Major Bludd is so close to being good I can almost taste it. The fact that I got the 7-pack version first really hurts my impressions of him though. Still at least they didn’t give him the Zartan armor again. Though the loss of the Ninja Turtle hand is disappointing.

    Dear Snake-Eyes,
    Like CC and Duke we’re seeing too much of you my friend. However unlike those two you keep coming back different so I forgive your constant appearance in wave after wave. But I honestly think you’re running out of gimmicks so I fear for the next time I see another version of you. What’s next? The Boy George version from the cartoon? Be smart my friend and consider your next appearance carefully or else you’ll fall into Cobra Commander syndrome.
    Sincerely, Mysterious Stranger

    Now where’s the Combat Heroes review? That’s the one I’m waiting for ;)

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