A note about Ghosts

Just wanted to give folks an update.  Now that I have the new camera, I’ve wrapped up shooting for the final installment of Ghosts (Episode 12).  I do want to warn folks, though, that it’s pretty much a “bridge” episode from Ghosts to Darkness Falls, and there isn’t a whole lot of action in it.  There will be an epilogue posted in a couple of weeks that has a bit more “flash” to it, but just didn’t want folks to be let down when this gets posted this weekend.

I’m also considering if there’s anything I should do between Ghosts and Darkness Falls.  DF is a BIG story…it’s sort of the culmination of my dio-story career, so it is going to take a looooong time to produce it.  So if anyone has any ideas, let me know.  Just keep in mind, any time I devote to an “in between” story will take time away from DF itself.  ;)

Thanks to everyone for their patience.  I’ve got a neat surprise in mind for the production of Darkness Falls that I’m hoping people will enjoy.

7 thoughts on “A note about Ghosts

  1. Yeah, if you don’t want to do an inbetween story, just go straight into Darkness Falls. I’m excited.

  2. i have to disagree with going into the finale story. i do want to read it too(im dieing for more)but there are so, soooo many great characters you havent been able to give any time to(not feature at all). i would love if you would do a one shot featuring 3 joes you havent used or 3 small one shots with 3 different joes for some much needed variety.

  3. Considering how many of the original 13 that have been made into figures: I’d be interested in your interpretation of a “in the past” story. I think I remember you expresing interest in something like that in some review in the past (either in the older comic packs or with the early 25th figures; can’t remember). It would be a cool little one-shot before you start firing the big guns. (Of course, it would be even cooler if the past story somehow connected to current things, but that’s alot to ask for).

  4. I’m torn honestly. I don’t want your stories to ever end, but at the same time I want to see DF. Soooo, I say flip a coin.

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