Enough already!

If I had the time and energy for such things, I’d go back over all the G.I. Joe message boards for the last year and a half, just to see how many fans clamored for the release of a red-emblemed COBRA Trooper, and then compare that to the number of supposed “fans” that are screaming bloody murder about how they’re being released now.

Are you guys kidding me?  Hasbro gives you exactly what you say you want, and you complain anyway?

Crazy.  Well, that’s the kind term for it, anyway.

Look, I want to see the likes of Airtight, Recondo, Footloose, Dr. Mindbender, Ripcord and the like in the 25th Anniversary line as much as the next guy, but don’t you think that the Big H deserves a little slack on this one?  Every fourth wave is a repaint wave, and they’re putting out what’s probably been the most asked-for repaint in it.  I can see getting upset about the neon-green Ninja Viper, or the far-too-faithful recreation of the Python Patrol Crimson Guardsman, but the Trooper?  Really?

Looks like a win on the surface.  I suppose that’s just me.

10 thoughts on “Enough already!

  1. Well, I suppose folks (the ones not screaming bloody murder) are just kinda left with question marks over thier head. For instance, I don’t care one way or the other, but I am confused as to why they chose the red mask. Wasn’t everyone asking for the 5-pack version with the black mask and red emblem?

    One way or another, I don’t mind so much, since I have Troopers of various colors and the red mask isn’t gona make my rag-tag bunch any stranger. I really like the all-over-the-place gear. Kinda like they are issued some stuff, but the troops themselves supply the rest. Nonetheless, I can see what folks are irritated about. It’s exactily what they asked for..BUT…

  2. I gotta agree with this one. Sure the trooper has a red mask but at least said mask was a part of the troopers comic book look so Hasbro didn’t just pull it out if their backsides.

    Like you said, save your energy for complaining about why we don’t have figs of Mindbender, Airtight, Ripcord, Jinx, Footloose, Dr Venom, Billy, Mayday, Mistress Armada, and Firewall.

  3. “Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.” That should be the Hasbro Joe teams motto. Because that’s definitely how things are going for them. They don’t make troopers the way folks want them they get bitched at. They make troopers instead of a new character they get bitched at. Here’s one for you whiners… just remember back a year and a half ago when you weren’t getting ANY new Joes (that you Sigma 6 haters would enjoy anyway). Remember? Now be happy we’re getting something new and that Hasbro is listening to us. m’kay? m’kay.

    Now can I bitch about how I’m going to have to replace all my 25th silver logo troopers with the new red logo troopers we should have gotten in the first place? bwahahahahahaha

  4. I think the trooper with the red sigil from the very first five-pack was PERFECT. When I saw “Red Sigil Trooper” in one of the listings a ways back, I just assumed it would be the one from said pack. It seemed to me to be the common sense way to go.

    You guys know that people are frustrated with a lack of new characters and an over-abundance of repaints. Had they gone with the red sigil trooper from the first pack, I believe there’d be a little less salt in the wound.

    Of course, I could be, and often am wrong :-)

    Have fun!!!

  5. Fans live to complain. If you care enough about something to talk about it on the internet, you probably care enough to bitch and whine and piss and moan when you don’t get EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

  6. I was one that wanted a red emblem trooper. I never requested a red mask though. Why did every other 5 pack figure (except Baroness) get a straight repack and when it comes to the trooper they monkey around with the logo first and then the mask?

  7. I agree Justin. The fans unfortunately are never happy (this is true in all fandoms) and I came to this realization earlier this year. Hence, I don’t post on many msg boards anymore. Yes Hasbro has made more than one bone-headed move, but when they do something right, they get no credit for it.

    I’ll happily buy a handful of red-sign troopers as I find them, but I’d have preferred a black mask. Never cared for the red-mask look. I’ll just paint them.

  8. I have to disagree. There was no reason not to simply release the 5-pack version of the trooper on a card. This is supposed to be an annniversary line, and that is the figure as we remember it. Anything short of that is a let down.

  9. I have a single carded Cobra Trooper with red logo and black mask. The artwork shows a red mask but the figure has a black mask. is this an error?

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