Something I’m really looking forward to: Wave 7

As I look back through some posts I’ve made here, I come across the realization that if you just read this blog, you might thinkthat I hate the Anniversary figures!  Oye…how did that happen?

Like a lot of other folks, I’ve gotten a bit tired of the endless repaints and re-releases, and am getting somewhat stumped as to why we haven’t at least seen some sign of Recondo, Ripcord, Dr. Mindbender, Wet Suit and a handful of other characters that would be easy to do with exisiting parts and seem like no-brainers.  But when it comes to the Anniversary stuff I can certainly appreciate the quality of the toys themselves, and I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming Wave 7 single packs.

YoJoe just released cardback images, which has only served to stoke the fire on these.

This particular wave seems like an absolutely perfect marraige of tribute figures and new ideas…we’ve got Airborne, the Eels, and the classic Zartan, all of which are much-needed figures for the Anniversary line.  Guys that deserve their due spot in the sun.  All three of them appear to be executed amazingly well, too.

Add to that the Pilot Scarlett, which is a clear tribute to the South American “Glenda” figure, and the “COBRA Flint” that is a great translation of Flint as he appeared in COBRA disguise in the Weather Dominator.  Heck, you can buy a second one and pop off Mutt’s head to simulate him as well.  If you don’t like that idea, the figure comes with a Trooper head as well, so you can just have a generic short-sleeved trooper.  Very awesome.

But of course most of the clamor of this wave comes down to Specialst Trakker.  Matt Trakker of “MASK” fame, another 80’s cartoon that was one a trademark of Kenner, but once Hasbro bought them out in the 90’s, they became Hasbro’s property to play with.  Personally?  I love it.  The filecard is absolutely perfect.  It ties the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand in with G.I. Joe perfectly (not to mention the perfectly named VENOM and COBRA force).  The filecard reads as if these two universes could co-exist, and I think it’s great.  Evidently the Hasbro designers wanted a little homage, but they manage to tie in two totally different toy universes and make one cohesive story, and that is such a cool idea.  I for one won’t complain that he’s “taking a spot” from a Joe team member or something silly like that.  I just enjoy it as a cool new figure and a different concept.  Awesome.

The Annihilator gear is just icing on the cake!  Bring them on, too. 

7 thoughts on “Something I’m really looking forward to: Wave 7

  1. I, personally, think the biggest reason why we aren’t seeing certain “essential” characters is because Hasbro is saving them. Seriously, as of right now, we know that the movie line is going to hit next summer and run at least until next Christmas, what about after? As far as we know, Hasbro doesn’t have any promotional efforts planned, and even Resolute is fairly “nostalgia driven”. There is nothing, that we’re aware of, like Transformers Animated that would help drive the brand in production for 2010.

    The way I see it, Hasbro has all the parts readily available to easily (with very little new sculpting, most of which is likely done on some of the characters) produce Cartoon Flint, Ripcord, Recondo, Dr. Mindbender, Wetsuit, TeleViper with gear (and the inevitable Python Repaint), Shockwave, Heavy Metal, Monkeywrench, Footloose and Annihilator, not counting new concepts. That is easily 2-3 waves ready to go on comparitively short turn around time.

  2. I can see that for sure. I just hope the movie/cartoon are successful so the Anniversary line can pick up where it left off like the Classics/Universe line did.

    I think that’s precisely why I’m so confused about some of the existing characters not being made yet, because most of them would be so easy. But yeah, they’ve gotta keep something up their sleeves for post-movie sales as long as the thing does well.

  3. I personally love any new characters. But I expect we will see that Recondo/Ripcord/Mindbender/Wet-Suit/Tunnel-Rat/Jinx/Outback at least. I suppose there might be an issue with Ripcord and the Movie, But wasn’t there a custom contest where Ripcord was the winner. I don’t think Hasbro tells us the half of what they are up to. If you read some of the responses on the boards to the 5 questions they get, you don’t know what you’re getting. “Sorry no plans for Vehicles” Remember that one?

  4. I think this wave…7(? officially from Hasbro) or wave 11 (as most fans call it)is the last great line-up, at least for a while. I absolutely agree with you that it’s a perfect blend of cartoon/comic/international/vintage toy/and other that has a little bit of everything for everyone. But as inspiring as this wave is, the next is equally uninspiring it seems.

    I really do hope the movie toyline pushes this brand further but all too often I see the toy aisles littered with movie-centric toys clogging the shelves well after the movie has been released. *shrug*

    Not to spread the gloom & doom, but Hasbro has said they’ll be concentrating on the movie line as of next year, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that fan favourites like Mindbender, Tunnel Rat, Recondo, Wet Suit et. al. will find their way to production eventually.

    Still it doesn’t matter who is made, there’ll always be some fans that wanted that extra character.

  5. Well, to be fair, every 4th wave is always bogged down with repaints. The original Wave 4 was just 5-pack figures in single pack form, Wave 8 was just that swath of repainted figures for the most part (Python Patrol Trooper, Baroness, COBRA Commander, Bludd, etc…). So while wave 8 (12?) does look somewhat “Blah” I don’t think that’s indicative of what we’ll be seeing in 2009.

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