Comic Pack Reviews – 25th Anniversary 2009

Wave 8 Comic Packs

1 – Resolute Issue #1 (Shockblast vs. Destro)

1 – Resolute Issue # 2 (Tunnel Rat vs. Storm Shadow)

Wave 6 Comic Packs

1 – Issue #10 (Hardmaster & Snake Eyes)

2 – Issue #11 (Beachhead & Dataframe)

3 – Issue #12 (Wild Bill vs. Scrap Iron)

Wave 5 Comic Packs

1 – Issue #7 (Destro & Iron Grenadier)

2 – Issue #8 (Lt. Falcon Vs. Nemesis Immortal)

3 – Issue #9 (Tripwire Vs. COBRA Commander)

5 thoughts on “Comic Pack Reviews – 25th Anniversary 2009

  1. The camera makes purty pictures.

    Good reviews, though I’m surprised you didn’t have the “obsidian” Destro. For some reason, I assumed you would have picked that one up. Also, the IG’s pistol is more laughable than I originally thought. I love it in a cheesey way.

    I have to agree with the NE/Falcon comic. It was pretty graphic to come with a toy. But I still liked it.

  2. I’ve got the “Obsidian” Destro on the way, though I don’t have him in hand yet. He’ll likely be staying in the package as well…

    Glad you liked the reviews!

  3. I don’t see anyone mentioning how hard it is to fit the disassembled wings into Nem Immortal’s backpack. I had to use hot water and dental pics to get it in, which the average kid isn’t going to have hanging around.I shouldn’t need customizer tools to put together retail available toys.

  4. Psst… “As I mentioned, from a looks perspective the figure is fantastic, including the wings. Veins, rippled leather…it’s all perfect, I love it. But the wings are a bit on the rubbery side and do have some minor issues fitting into the backpack attachment. Because of this, they don’t pose exceptionally well, and if you fold them back, the figure simply will not stand, even when on his battle stand. And standing without a battle stand at all? Forget it.”

    I didn’t have to use hot water or anything, so my issues weren’t that drastic, but I did mention having difficulties getting the wings to fit seamlessly.

  5. Well, you’ve changed my mind about the Nemesis pack. I was gona ignore it, but I find myself liking the Nemesis figure enough to ignore Falcon’s “eh” looks. I never had the original figure, but all it takes is a simple side-by-side pick to see that the original far outshines the new one. Nemesis, on the other hand: Man! Knockout.

    I was floored by the IG, only stuck on some minor stuff like the funky legs. Otherwise, they managed to make the headsculpt better! The original IG head was a particular favorite of mine, and it was really the only peice I was worried about. Man, though, they ROCKED that one! I dunno how they did it, but it’s completely overshadowed the original.

    Finally, I loved the heck out of the CC/Tripwire pack. Tripwire is this wave’s surprise figure for me; I didn’t expect to like ’em this much. He’s just so…generic! I’m a sucker for the grunt guys, and he looks like how I would expect greenshirts to look for G.I. Joe…you know, keeping in mind the fact that the Joes are supposed to be using all the state of the art stuff. I expect the generic guys to be generically armored! The helmet just seals the deal. I’m tempted to get more! Even CC has awesome generic possibilities: I was headswapping for ages, trying out the regular Cobra blue unifrom (works great with a normal head and Red Star’s blue cap). It’s just an awesome pack to get a bunch of for parts!

    All in all, I’m real pleased with this whole comic wave!

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