Comic Pack Reviews – 25th Anniversary 2009

Wave 8 Comic Packs

1 – Resolute Issue #1 (Shockblast vs. Destro)

1 – Resolute Issue # 2 (Tunnel Rat vs. Storm Shadow)

Wave 6 Comic Packs

1 – Issue #10 (Hardmaster & Snake Eyes)

2 – Issue #11 (Beachhead & Dataframe)

3 – Issue #12 (Wild Bill vs. Scrap Iron)

Wave 5 Comic Packs

1 – Issue #7 (Destro & Iron Grenadier)

2 – Issue #8 (Lt. Falcon Vs. Nemesis Immortal)

3 – Issue #9 (Tripwire Vs. COBRA Commander)

Brians Toys Newsletter #482

Legacy Collection Expanded Universe Comic 2-Packs Wave 2 is now in stock along with Wave 3.  Also new this week are new G.I. Joe 3 3/4″ Figures.  For vintage collection, we have a bunch of new AFA-graded items along with tons of reduced prices.  Kotobukiya Dengar model kit is now available, so now you are able to get closer to building the Bounty Hunter Series Darth Vader!  Make sure to check out the Master Replicas Mara Jade Signature Edition hilt which is now available for purchase on our site.  For more great collectibles and toy-lines, check out!

Breaking in the camera

Well, got my camera yesterday after work, and took a couple of hours getting familiar with the features and “breaking it in” a bit.  A very, VERY cool piece of equipment.  A much better zoom, higher resolution, manual aperture and shutter speed settings…this should work very well, even though I’m still learning a bit about shooting indoors with low light (as you’ll see in some collection pics).

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