Concerns about the movie toys?

I know, I know…the mere mention of “Movie Toys” at this point sends most Joe fans into a spiralling depression and near-psychotic rage.  We all love our Anniversary stuff, but like it or not, as of summer, 2009, we’ll be moving on to the inevitable onslaught of movie toys.  Trust me when I say there will be no complaints about distribution once those bad boys hit.  Oye ve!

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Brians Toys Newsletter #481

We have two new, spectactular Gentle Giant pieces in.  The first is the LIFE-SIZE animated Princess Leia statue and the second is the Count Dooku & Asajj Ventress statue, two must-haves for any collector.  Also in this week are many vintage Star Wars figure mailer boxes AFA graded and GI Joe vehicles.  Check out many of our great items as well as new items over at!

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