The new TV Season, Part Deux

Heh…well, I’d originally planned to do this post shortly after the initial one, but holy crap.  Got caught up doing some other stuff.  Originally this new format was designed so I could talk about the importance and the unimportance of collecting action figures, but I’ve been so busy talking about collecting action figures I haven’t been able to talk about it!  What does that say about me?  :shifty:

Anyway…I’ve inundated everyone with talk about toys (and whining about Tom Brady) enough over the past few days, so lets talk TV.

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Three different G.I. Joe titles from IDW?

EDIT – Okay, apparently I totally misread the press release…turns out Dixon’s book doesn’t continue from the 80’s Hamaverse, it’s a “future” look at the Hamaverse that’s coming up in ’09.  Hrm.  Weird.  Not sure what I feel about that, but I’ll check it out as it gets released…

The news comes from Phil Kost’s excellent JoeReloaded website/forum and comes straight from an IDW Press Release.  According to this press release, there will be THREE ongoing G.I. Joe comic book series next year…G.I. Joe overload!

The primary title, simply called G.I. Joe, will be written by Chuck Dixon with art by Robert Atkins…and it takes place in the Hamaverse!  Saweet!

Yeah, apparently it’s a future Hamaverse, not the old school Hamaverse, and it’s exploring a new timeline in a future with characters we don’t even know yet.  Confused?  Yeah, me too.

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Wow. I don’t know what to say.

So this past weekend we had a little…event…with our family camera.  A “fatal” event we should say.  Because of this, I find myself suddenly scrambling to figure out a way to continue reviews, continue dio-stories and basically continue to produce product for the online community that I’ve come to expect from myself.  It also came at a time when money was exceptionally tight.  I wasn’t sure what to do.

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The DVD “Battle Pack” reviews – Part 2

I’ve already covered the MASS Device Battle Pack, and I mentioned in that review that the Revenge of COBRA Battle Pack was heads and shoulders better, even without any drastically new characters or new concepts.  What Hasbro manages to do is to take some familiar stalwarts and give them new life with some minor cosmetic changes that make a big difference.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of my own pictures, but with my camera difficulties these days, the folks at were kind enough to let me use their stuff.

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The DVD “Battle Packs” – How do they measure up?

As I’ve already said countless times throughout this “Sunbow Weekend” I’ve always primarily been a comic book fan, and luckily for me, Hasbro has kind of catered to that.  Since 2004 we’ve been getting comic packs with comic exclusive deco’s and a few comic-specific characters (though not everyone we’re asking for like Billy, Kwinn or Dr. Venom….).  However, the cartoon faithful have kind of been left in a lurch, with no real way for them to get the characters and figure deco’s that they’ve been wanting…

…Until now.

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