Oh Sh*t times two – Brady done with torn ACL

The rumor mill is already buzzing…  Yahoo Sports reports that Brady is out for the year with a torn ACL, which seems to be the prevailing thought among players and teams. *sigh*

Oh, Sh*t.

I couldn’t help it.  My three-year old was sitting right next to me and the comment received quite the dirty look from my wife, but thankfully little Megan was immersed enough in her Duplo blocks that she either didn’t hear it or didn’t care enough to repeat it (for once).

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The Revenge of COBRA – My Top 5 Moments

I already did the MASS Device yesterday.  Now we continue the celebration of the Sunbow cartoon (as well as the release of the DVD Battle Packs) by rolling my Top 5 Moments from the Revenge of COBRA.

In some ways better than the MASS Device (at least in my opinion), The Revenge of COBRA follows a nearly identical formula, yet adds some twists and turns.  New characters arrive, action sequences are ramped up.  It follows the tradition of the MASS Device perfectly.  But what are my Top 5 Moments?

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