Marauder Series 5 REVIEWED!

Well, luckily I finished taking pictures of the latest offerings from Marauder “Gun Runners” before my wife’s camera crapped out!  And what a batch of offerings they are.  The latest run of Marauder, Inc. weapons and accessories have been reviewed.  Check them out:

Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 5

  • Coincidentally, my camera just died, too. :(

  • Sucks don’t it.

    You never realize how much you use it until it’s not available…

  • wish

    Nice wrap up. For the guns, am not that much into the modular ones. But they go nicely with your modern kinda squads.
    Am surely will get me some of the scimitar swords. Also had to think of a Snake Eyes suitable blade, or eventually to hook up some ninja-ish troops.

  • Sorry to hear your camera is broken. Mine is fine but my account is broken :)

    I wanted to ask you if the new knife sheat can hold the previous released combat knife

    Thanks for aswer.

  • Pancho

    actually the NVR is based on the real-life LR-300 assault rifle.