DTC Wave 4 – an addendum

Well, leave it to “notpicard” of the JoeCustoms forums to put my feelings perfectly in MANY less words than I did.  What he posted is pretty much exactly my thoughts and opinions on the matter, and I’m happy to see them expressed:

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So about that DTC Wave 4

So apparently folks have started receiving their September newsletter for the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, which has the pre-orders listed for their upcoming release of DTC Wave 4.  And hysteria reigns.  Joe fans?  Hysteria?  No WAY. Continue reading

Here goes the neighborhood…

“It was the third of September

That day I’ll always remember…”

– The Temptations, “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”

Of course, that’s where the similarities between this post and the classic Temptation song ends, but I had to work it in here somewhere.  I like doing that with song lyrics that mention a specific day.  (Really!  Wait until June 6, better known as “Convoy Day.”) Continue reading