Omega Force/Resolute figures? Yeah, I don’t think so.

So weekends are generally pretty slow news-wise, but HissTank bucks that trend this week with some leaked images (likely from one of their mysterious contacts overseas):

Click here.

I’m like any other Joe fan out there. I feed off the early leaked info, I love getting sneak peeks at upcoming product, and enjoy the speculation. But what I don’t like is when hypothesis are made about images based on no factual information that end up misleading the Joe collecting populace. This front page story proudly proclaims these images as being part of “Wave 13” and “Omega Force” (which as we all learned from the latest Hasbro Q & A is a nickname for G.I. Joe: Resolute).

Ummm… yeah. I don’t think so. This is all based on my own speculation, but as always toy collectors are quick to jump on this and start slamming the Resolute toys without knowing what we’re getting. Folks, this ain’t it. Let’s look at some facts…

Fact 1 – The initial release of “Omega Force” product was announced as coming in single packs in the first wave of 2009. Single packs generally have lots of new tooling (at least new gear), especially when they’re the first wave of the year. Look back at Wave 1, 2008… pretty much new tooling, soup to nuts.  There is ZERO new tooling here.  No new parts, no new weapons, nothing.  It’s ALL re-used, which screams “Battle Pack” or exclusive to me.

Fact 2 – The poster labels the COBRA Trooper in the thread as “Omega Force COBRA Trooper” and “COBRA Trooper with Red Logo” when in fact it’s neither of these.  It’s just the “Flint as COBRA Trooper” figure from the upcoming Wave 7 with the Trooper head on it.  Nothing new at all.

Fact 3 – We’ve seen leaked Wal-Mart lists confirming a Rock n Roll/Deep Six Comic Pack, and a Gung Ho/COBRA Commander comic pack.  That covers those 4 figures, which essentially leaves the other 4 (Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, COBRA Commander, and Duke) as left over.  Those figures are ALL based off of older Joe Vs. COBRA color schemes (check out my review archives for details on those).  Plus these 4 figures are the cornerstones of the Joe mythos, and would all work perfectly in a Battle Pack.  Putting these figures in a single pack wave, especially the first one of the year, showcasing new toys based on a landmark animated feature, would be assinine.  Folks doubt Hasbro’s marketing strategy, but they ain’t dumb.  No way that’s what they’re doing here.  No way.

Fact 4 – As I said in the paragraph above, a lot of these figures seem heavily influenced by “G.I. Joe Vs. COBRA” paint deco’s.  This may just be coincidence, but knowing how in tune the Joe designers are with G.I. Joe’s past, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was done on purpose.  Check the image comparisons below:

JvC Homage?JvC Homage?
JvC Homage?

JvC Homage?

JvC Homage?

JvC Homage?

JvC Homage?

JvC Homage?

So, like I said, maybe just a coincidence, but maybe something more…  I don’t know for sure, but I strongly suspect that when we see what the “Omega Force/Resolute” figures really look like, we’ll realize that there was nothing to freak out about in the first place.

Okay…I just spent an hour on that post.  On a Saturday afternoon.  That settles it, I’m a geek.  :/

Images used by permission from YoJoe.

16 thoughts on “Omega Force/Resolute figures? Yeah, I don’t think so.

  1. I agree Justin we have seen Zero about these figures yet and pics of loose figures could be anything from customs to protoypes that didn’t make the cut.

  2. I cant see that version of Deep Six being in a comic pack, Especially with the bellows.

  3. Well, when you put them side by side like that, it’s obvious! I dunno why, but I really like this idea! Too bad Duke is the worst one though, ’cause I liked that version alot. This one’s head is just too small compared to the body!

    Ah well. The best one without a doubt is Cobra Commander. I love it when they made him a little battle ready every so often. On top of that, those Hiss Driver pads are some of my favorite legs so far, and they look great! I just hope they paint ’em a different blue. I’d like ’em in black best, but that doesn’t follow the original. Ah well.

  4. I saw these pics yesterday and thought they looked strangely familiar. Your side-by-side shots pretty much prove what their designs were inspired by if nothing else. Maybe this wave #? is Hasbro’s way of trying to 25th-up the GvC line of figures.

  5. Good eye Justin. We’ll finnaly have respectable figures for these version of these charecter.

  6. I just don’t get why an homage to that line now? What about ALL the other ARAH figures that people still want? There are still so many that they could make over these JvC homages. Just my two cents is all.

  7. Well, if I had to guess I’d say that a retailer somewhere (if this is a retail exclusive) wanted some sort of pack with the “Big Guns” in it… Duke, CC, SE, and Storm Shadow. So the Joe designers had to find a way to pay homages to figures using existing parts and using those characters.

    Like it or not, the “new sculpt” era was a huge turning point in the Joe franchise (whether it was for the better or the worse is open for discussion) and I think paying tribute to that era is pretty cool, personally. It’s just as much a part of G.I. Joe as anything else, regardless of personal opinion.

    I do see where you’re coming from, though. I give Hasbro a lot of slack online, but the rampant Dukes, COBRA Commanders, Snake Eyes, etc… is getting pretty taxing all told. But I’ve also heard Hasbro (as well as other toy manufacturers) say that they truthfully don’t expect people to buy EVERYTHING, so they try to release a broad selection so folks can pick and choose what they like.

  8. Good job. I hate when people tear something apart when they don’t really have a clue. I think your deductions are dead on Justin good eye and good job.

  9. Guys, could the V vs V figures be the versions for the “Vote For The Hall of Fame” thing that was on the Hasbro website?

    Just a thought.

  10. I strongly doubt that, Max. The whole point of the Hall of Heroes was to present those figures as the “definitive” versions of those characters, which these would definitely not be. But anything is possible…

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