G.I. Joe Reviews Archive

A couple of years ago when I reformatted my page, I created a review “archive” because a lot of folks still wanted to read my older reviews.  I have kept that intact with this reformat, though it’s still in the old style, just because I don’t feel like converting it all over to WordPress.

So, basically, you can hit The Archives to check out all of my past reviews for all of the Valor Vs. Venom, Spy Troops, and Joe Vs. COBRA goodness that you can handle.

7 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Reviews Archive

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  2. Thx for keeping those running. Currently re-stocking Joes and your pictured reviews and thoughts are always welcome.

  3. yo. not sure if it’s just internet explorer or AOL, i’ve tried both, but every time i try to get to the review archive it jumps to the dio stories section. i’m mostly trying to find the target exclusive arashikage temple

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