Detailed write up for the G.I. Joe themed episode of SyFy’s “Face Off”

Over on, stalwart contributor “skinny” took some serious time during and after the Face Off episode last night and wrote up a great report on what went down and his opinions on the various masks and effects that the creators were able to come up with.  He also pulled some great images as well.

Check out the great write up over on and big thanks to skinny for taking the time to do it!


Amazon Exclusive “Mini Light & Sound HISS Tank” is now in stock!

Quite a while ago, we spotlighted a strange entry on for a Mini HISS w/ Light & Sound, and now those same HISS Tanks appear to be in stock and shipping! Twitter user Page Warner reports receipt of the item along with some great pictures. It features real machine gun sounds and two light up cannons.

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Darkness Falls Two for One – Episodes 24 & 25 now online

I made some great progress on the Darkness Falls story over the past week, and with episode 24 being somewhat short, I decided to post two episodes today!

Cobra Commander travels deeper into the sprawling Cobra compound, looking for a way to escape, only to find that escape isn’t the main goal.  Operation: Eclipse is still alive and well, and the Crimson Twins have plans to make it happen.

Meanwhile, the G.I. Joe team is hot on his trail and coming ever closer to a final confrontation…but they’ll need help from an unlikely ally.  Check out the Darkness Falls section for the two latest episodes or click the links below.


Entertainment Earth Daily Special – Transformers Generations

I know the G.I. Joe fandom and the Transformers fandom have a lot of cross over appeal, so I figured I would mention that today only, Entertainment Earth is having a great sale on Transformers: Generations figures!

Check out their Daily Deal right here, and check out the full range of Transformers toys while you’re at it.


Coil Con V is tomorrow September 13th! Custom Cards for Shrike and Weaponsmith!

We’ve been trying to stay right on top of the Coil Con V announcements, and here we are, right around the corner! Tomorrow, September 13th the fifth annual Coil Con launches at the Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

YoJoe and GeneralsJoes have been proud to show readers the exclusive preview images of the exclusive figures available at Coil Con V, and now the custom cards for those figures are posted!

Check out the custom cards below and be sure to hit up for the latest info!

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G.I. Joe: Battleground’s latest Operation: Takedown Event is live!

I know my coverage of the G.I. Joe: Battleground online game has been somewhat spotty, and I apologize for that. The latest Operation: Takedown event has just gone live, featuring some great new cards with Ripcord, Hydro Viper, Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes, and Super Trooper!!

Inside WarSim, the attack on entrenched Cobra forces in Nanzhao continues.

Can G.I.JOE strike a blow in Cobra’s burgeoning new power base, or will their thirst for vengeance after the loss of so many agents cause them to make a fatal misstep? With the new Cobra Commander gunning for them personally, the body count is sure to rise! But the Joes are undeterred, and elite agents Rip Cord, Heavy Duty, and Super Trooper take on the growing Cobra threat while the world’s greatest ninjas fly inexorably towards each other on a collision course years in the making! Who can say which Arashikage will be left standing after the dust settles on the Nanzhao Showdown, the exciting Takedown event on now!

Even cooler than this, though, is the current “Invite” card which is Agent Faces! I think it’s been that way for a little while, but I missed it until now. I love that the Spy Troops Agent Faces is the 1 star card and it can be promoted to the Agent Faces in Crimson Guard disguise. Fantastic.

Hit up to download the latest version of the app for Android or IOS and prepare for the next Operation: Takedown!

G.I. Joe Kre-O Wave 4 sneaks onto eBay

After the sightings of G.I. Joe Kre-O Wave 5 in Utah last week there were some fandom concerns about the mysterious fourth wave of Kre-On mini figures, which has, as of yet, not been spotted. Well, for anyone wondering about the fate of that fourth wave, there is at least some indication that it has hit retail somewhere.

Last night an auction on eBay appeared for a complete fourth wave of G.I. Joe Kre-Ons, which was swiftly snapped up by an eagle eyed Joe fan. The auction was listed from Rhode Island, but to date has been the only confirmed sighting of the 4th wave of mini figures. Meanwhile, Wave 5 is getting relatively easy to spot on the online auction site.

So keep on hitting those Toys “R” Us stores, from the looks of it, Kre-O Wave 4 should be out there shortly, if it’s not already.

Thanks again to Edward G on Twitter for the info.


Special FX Reality show “Face Off” Features G.I. Joe themed episode

It seems like there’s a reality show for everything these days, but one has really stood apart from the crowd. “Face Off” is a show that pitches would-be special effects experts against each other in an attempt to win cash and prizes to support their career as an effects artist.

Each episode works around the idea of a “theme”, and apparently coming on September 16th Face Off will be presenting a “G.I. Joe” Theme. According to the SyFy Schedule of episodes, an episode entitled “Serpent Soldiers” will air on the 16th. The Wikipedia description says “Working for the G.I. Joe franchise, the artists use their talents to create snake-inspired super soldiers.”

The preview for this episode should air after tonight’s episode, so you may want to keep an eye open for that. Huge thanks to Twitter friend Twitziller for giving me the heads up, this will be one to watch!