Get behind the scenes details of your favorite brands with Hasbro Pulse!

I saw mention of this a few days ago, but am just getting around to talking about it…and it deserves to be talked about!

Hasbro products have a pretty significant collector draw, there’s no question about that, but Hasbro’s connection with those collectors has been a bit hit or miss throughout the years. At Conventions each year Hasbro reps do a fantastic job talking to fans and sharing news with their most devoted followers, but beyond those select segments of face-to-face interactions, it’s mostly on the fringes.

That may be changing.

Hasbro has revealed “Hasbro Pulse” what appears to be a very collector focused portal looking at our favorite brands with some early looks and behind the scenes peeks at what makes these toys so important to us.

Already there have been articles posted looking at packaged samples of the next run of G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary figures as well as some intel behind Transformers from John Warden. It’s a great start to something that might hopefully become a much larger part of how Hasbro talks to the fandom.

Check out Hasbro Pulse and stay tuned, I suspect we’ll be talking much more about it in the future.


Marauder Task Force figures in stock and ready to ship!

With nearly all the Kickstarter backers receiving their figures over the past two weeks, Marauder Gun Runners has officially launched their Marauder Task Force section on!

Buy figures (without heads) for only $11.99 and tons of gear is available at great prices.  Hit up right now and for all you folks who didn’t get a chance to support the Kickstarter, stock up on some great new figures and gear!


Combiner Wars Streetwise and Rook reviewed!

Two more Protectobots reviews come your way this morning, courtesy of Entertainment Earth!

Streetwise and Rook make up the law enforcement group of the Protectobots, and they are two really fun Transformers to boot.  Check out my Transformers Review section, or click the links below to see what I think.

Entertainment Earth

transformers-combiner-wars-protectobots-streetwise (12)

Combiner Wars Protectobots Reviews – Brought to you by Entertainment Earth

Things have been a bit quiet around here from a review front, but thanks to site sponsor Entertainment Earth, things are going to get lively again this week!

Throughout the week I’ll be reviewing the latest Combiner Wars releases – Deluxe Protectobots Blades, First Aid, Streetwise, and Rook as well as their Voyager commander Hot Spot!  I’ll also review Defensor as a whole.

Check out the first two reviews below, and keep watching my Transformers Review section for more.

Entertainment Earth


transformers-combiner-wars-protectobots-defensor (1)

Transformers: Combiner Wars Devastator Pre-Order on


The first retail listing for the upcoming Transformers: Combiner Wars Devastator comes our way from which has listed the item for pre-order!  The pre-order listing comes in at $149.99 with a listed release date of August 1st, 2015.

For Prime members free two-day shipping is a very nice incentive for going with Amazon, and who knows when these might be found in brick and mortar stores.

Check out the banner below to pre-order!

Confirmation of the ComicCon Kre-O Slaughter Marauders vs. Iron Grenadier set

Oh my.

So the news leaked a bit prematurely yesterday (unfortunately), but today we are all official, and the news is great! Yes, Hasbro will be releasing a G.I. Joe Kre-O set at ComicCon and it contains Sgt. Slaughter and his Marauders vs. the nefarious Iron Grenadiers.

UPROXX has all the latest info, on a set that looks…well… about as insane as you’d expect a Sgt. Slaughter Kre-O set to look. Phenomenal.

Something just leaped to my #1 most wanted list for ComicCon exclusives. Good stuff!

Check out the images below, and thanks to UPROXX for breaking this exciting news!

ComicCon Exclusive Desert Duel Box Art is revealed…and impressive!

This must be the night for sneak SDCC reveals, as overseas auction site TaoBao has revealed our first look at the packaging for the ComicCon exclusive “Desert Duel” G.I. Joe boxed set.

The Desert Duel set features Chuckles and the FOE Striker vs. Cobra Elite Horseman and the Cobra Basilisk, with two bonus figures, the Cobra Air Trooper, and Night Fox.  The box is fantastic with a bullet-riddled sleeve and really nice looking diorama shot on the back (as well as the great artwork that was originally revealed at the 2015 JoeCon).

It’s very impressive presentation.  Big thanks to Chris over on the G.I. Joe Discussion Facebook Group for the heads up!

Rumor Alert – SDCC Exclusive Sgt. Slaughter Marauders vs. Iron Grenadier Kre-O Set?

Yes, I’m considering this a rumor, even though it appears to have some strong basis in fact.  At some point tonight it would appear that a YouTube video for an announcement of an upcoming SDCC Exclusive Kre-O set was accidentally published, and some quick fingered Joe fans captures a screen shot contained within.

According to that briefly public YouTube page, we should be expecting a ComicCon exclusive Kre-O set, and it sounds absolutely amazing.

Over on HissTank, an enterprising member went to a cached page for the announcement site and retrieved the following information:

KRE-O G.I. JOE Slaughter’s Marauders vs. Destro’s Iron Grenadiers Set is a special-edition KRE-O construction set that features the debut of Kreon figure Sgt. Slaughter as he leads the Marauders into battle against Destro and the Iron Grenadiers. The Comic-Con exclusive set comes with 12 Kreon figures, including Barbecue, Footloose, Darklon, Voltar, and the debut of Kreon Destro in his leopard-print coat. The set also includes pieces for building Sgt. Slaughter’s Triple T Tank. And the collectible 232-piece set comes packaged in special throwback boxed set packaging resembling VHS cassettes, complete with Sgt. Slaughter and Destro file cards and art that recreates classic G.I. JOE packaging.


I’ve been bummed about a lack of Kre-O news, and while this is just a snippet of what we’ve seen in the past, it’s a pretty awesome snippet.  Some great characters and what looks to be an awesome build for Slaughter’s TTT.  Check out the screen caps below and thanks to for the info.

Transformers Collectors Club announces other G.I. Joe/Transformers shared exclusives

If you’re a toy fan, you know that Botcon is today, and along with some spectacular Hasbro reveals (SKY LYNX OMG!1!111) the Transformers  Collectors Club is also holding a panel where they’re announcing their latest Figure Subscription Service as well as other items.

Some of those other items are a couple more G.I. Joe/Transformers pseudo shared exclusives, a human Springer Rodimus and Arcee from the Transformers episode “Only Human”.  We all know about Old Snake and Marissa Fairborne from that same episode, but that particular era of Transformers history also involved several Autobots being transferred into human synthoid bodies.  Springer Rodimus and Arcee (along with Springer and Ultra Magnus) were two of those.

You can check out more about this episode at Teletran-1, and a couple of images from the episode are below.

They also announced that the previous exclusives, Old Snake w/ the Stealth B.A.T.s and Marissa Fairborne with Afterbreaker will be carded and offered to both clubs.

EDIT – Early reports from Botcon had identified the male figure as Springer.  It has since been clarified to be Rodimus.  Apologies for the misinformation.

Marauder Task Force figures and accessories are in transit!

I know once I posted my review of the upcoming Marauder Task Force figures, the overwhelming question I received was “so when are they shipping?!”

The answer to that question is… NOW.

Marauder “Gun Runners” sent out an exciting Kickstarter update thanking everyone for their patience and reporting that shipments are being packed and shipped as I type, and the first shipments may even arrive next Monday!

Also included in the update is a word of thanks to the folks from Boss Fight Studio, who have apparently been instrumental in helping with production problems. I would guess that their vast amounts of industry experience in action figure design AND production was immeasurably helpful to the Marauder Task Force, and I’m thrilled to see the end results!

Check out the full text of the Kickstarter update below.


Marauder Task Force Figures & Accessories have started to ship!
Hey Marauder Task Force Team Members!

We have begun shipping the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter reward packages! THANK YOU for your patience through this entire process and really appreciate those that stuck it out with us!  It will take some time to pack & ship all the orders, but our goal is to have EVERYTHING shipped by the end of next week.  Several of you will start receiving packages on Monday 6/22, with receipts continuing to arrive there after. International orders ship first, but will still take longer than domestic orders to arrive.

ALL our resources are directed towards packing & shipping, so please be so kind as to hold off asking for tracking info or checking if your package has shipped.   We will be DELIGHTED to  deal with specific package shipping details on a case by case basis after shipping is complete.
Also, a BIG thank you to Boss Fight Studio.  We all know about their design work on the MTF project, but the delay with our MTF project resulted in a “ripple” effect delay with the release of their Vitruvian HACKS project.   BFS went above & beyond helping to correct the production issues.  Everything from working solutions with the engineers, reviewing materials, tooling adjustments…they even took time to check out the production during their recent Hong Kong trip. Thanks to the combined efforts of BFS & MGR, and our factory vendors, we have refined our production process, hopefully ensuring smoother rollout for all upcoming BFS & MGR projects.

Again, THANK YOU for your support and we really hope you like YOUR Marauder Task Force action figures & accessories!
MJ & the entire Marauder Team